you have to be me, to see what i see

दीवारों से टकराओगे, जब इश्क तुम्हें हो जायेगा..and,nothing much you would be able to do about it.

some scenes, are not words.

some skies, are not earths.

some birds,

are not free.


some songs,were never sung.

you have to look beneath the surface,




you just need be a spectator.


and,that is


all it.

i just want,some thought to come to me

and,i do not worry much.

of late i have started getting a feeling,as if there would be some knock at my forehead,

some damn thought, asking me my permission if it can enter my being.

and, i say, “Ahm..please be comfortable”.

and,then we just settle down around over chit chat.

Some decent arguments,

Some damn us.

just,with each other.




we can’t live without.


each other.