When the hope soars down

I seek you out ,  And look at you for inspiration.  As I see no harm,  To tell you at ease,  the things I usually keep to myself.  'Our things'- when we have shared between us.  


Why do I think that I must talk to myself many times?

  quiet this question has quietly gotten me. crazily i want myself chat away with myself in my own space. who knows, mind and its pace?   Here above, it must be me with one of great friend, Suresh. I adore his paintings & his creative moods at times.He may not know this.

Feel ‘complete’confiding in you

    Since morning I have been thinking, there is a comfort when I have expressed myself to you. However hard I try to keep off you. I am inclined more to talk to you. Confess to you, confide in you. Feel miserable after letting you know, I did/do miss you.I as well hate you [...]