Sweet and Sour

Life was just beyond a spectrum. I felt it this way. I poured into it some of tid bids, Sounded better,   The life with the seasoning. All glitter, All figurative. And suddenly,so very different. I was happy to find it so. Sweet and Sour.


Know Smoking

I admit, I get a high with your Smoking. You are my man after all. At certain times, you must have thought : I have never offered to smoke myself. And I respect that you love me for that. I do not mind , your Smoking at all. In fact I love taking thinker's call [...]

दिल चाहता है

I speak up my mind I have thought. I am not going to check out what Aamir said. I know, controversy has erupted. But दिल चाहता है And why we won't let him speak?

जीवन का मतलब तो आना और जाना है

Holding life under breath. Breath holding the life. Life left. Left Life.   Breathe in the Yogic Manner