जीवन का मतलब तो आना और जाना है

Holding life under breath.

Breath holding the life.

Life left.

Left Life.

Life left


Breathe in the Yogic Manner

Days shall pass by, I shall too move on

This Diwali,I have been very thoughtful from the beginning. I have followed all parameters to stay involved in it.But, frankly speaking I have grown up of all this artificial clumsiness. I am not sure,but it didn’t interest me at all to go on infecting people with my enthusiasm, which I might myself had not known what all. Neither did I put a glum face.

I suddenly realized, it takes courage to live with false truths. And may be bold courage at that. I decided to let go.I decided to feel holistic by not splitting myself anymore into faces,lies,happy or unhappiness.

I decided to let it all be.Let everyone carry on, me taking a back seat. Nothing like, a quietness with one’s own self.