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and,this shall solve the questions?

from here,we must head to where.Where? Continue reading

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chit chat time.

i treasure the times, i just can be myself at work. expressing, emoting,joking. and at the same time, aware.   i am living a greater responsibility in larger scheme of things. my people.their aspirations,   i am breathing, it.

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जीवन का मतलब तो आना और जाना है

Holding life under breath. Breath holding the life. Life left. Left Life.   Breathe in the Yogic Manner

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Days shall pass by, I shall too move on

This Diwali,I have been very thoughtful from the beginning. I have followed all parameters to stay involved in it.But, frankly speaking I have grown up of all this artificial clumsiness. I am not sure,but it didn’t interest me at all … Continue reading

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