and,तेरे हाथों में पहना कर चूड़ियाँ

And, that does it.

in beautiful,for once. atleast now.


while you were busy contemplating on colours and shades,



in your usual free life landscape.

joyous,bubbly gapes.


do you think i missed it..


the joy, was pretty infectious.


i could not help.

falling for you,


my Sweet heart,hurt.


And,she laughed it?


Good heart.


the thoughts when come under scanner

it can go a very long way,the process in the thought that is and however that is.

we simply quiver,try to base out things that are not ours.

we lose out on our wings,

clipping other’s wings

in the name of so called systems.

what and how,does it expect us to take somewhere,

with that kind of barriers,

i have been thinking lately,

on the lines too much like that.

of late.


Age must be catching up,

with me.i must be hitting my forties?

love,not marriage

basically that means to stick to what all in it.

i just plummeted a lot,

on this one abstract message,

i had for myself.


this was like a self-talk,

but usually self talks are the helpful talks,

one can have with oneself.


Theory was very acritical.

Must i, must i not marry ef et al?

there are lonely times,but..

atleast there is hope,

that when the solitude will strike,

i might re-think.

my decisions.once

of leaving it all as this.

and this only.

may be..


i do not know.