very,well. and said

and,i can’t help my ways.



there are times,i just want sit.

and knit.

the,way i see it is:

you were involved.

you fell in love.

the bonds were so very strong that now.

there is just,the bloom.

you have people now,

whom you have tended,

you have loved,enough

and may be much more than enough.


now your years of love is reaping harvests.

i can.


be,more relaxed.

and work.

still more towards the people.

in love.20934856_2028080480753188_3247802700356227876_o

there are times,i feel the pain

i may not do much.

but,i must know.they are too with me.

my sensitivity,sometimes stumbles on people.

i can smell the disappointments in them.

few are victims.

few think,they are victims.

there are circumstances,

and not every one is so fortunate,

as i am.

i smell it.

for one minute,

i crumble.


gather myself.

just witness,



and add my signature to the moment.


some broken,breaking urns.

i try to save.

from crumbling down.


i always,thought there are things,

those were things.


need me.

with them.

to recover.

replenish and sustain.


i, thought always so.

Amchi Mumbai

and,have hang over.

to keep returning,to Queen’s necklace town.


there are times,

i land up in Mumbai.


when i want to feel alive.


it is morning to evening.

or, a month if i have a whim.

landing either too early,

or midnight.

i head to Colaba,mostly.


check in.

and just




i am in Mumbai.

gives me high.




and,then this all goes without saying.paths appear.

sooner later.


sometimes,without your own traces

you have walked so much that now,

there are least traces left.

just the plateaus,

sheer the gravel treads.



still ahead,

a long and an enduring journey.

Still, a your journey

where you, get going.

on a trailing leg,

of passages,

so very much.




you have to be me, to see what i see

दीवारों से टकराओगे, जब इश्क तुम्हें हो जायेगा..and,nothing much you would be able to do about it.

some scenes, are not words.

some skies, are not earths.

some birds,

are not free.


some songs,were never sung.

you have to look beneath the surface,




you just need be a spectator.


and,that is


all it.

i just want,some thought to come to me

and,i do not worry much.

of late i have started getting a feeling,as if there would be some knock at my forehead,

some damn thought, asking me my permission if it can enter my being.

and, i say, “Ahm..please be comfortable”.

and,then we just settle down around over chit chat.

Some decent arguments,

Some damn us.

just,with each other.




we can’t live without.


each other.