Jagjit Singh Dhariwal (Jaggy)

i can’t keep my focus quite on

the more i walk towards the turf

the more i read about this racing world

i miss you very very much

those too were the times

admiration was mutual

our talks

those strange short walks

your banters

mine laughter

they come haunting back to me

the moment i imagine

you are not there

they haunt me still more

you did train me one thing,

“stay how you are innocently”, you said

and i kept it intact

i am surprised

you did make time for me

sit talk

talk nothing yet so many things

your mint chocolates, i loved

your perfume presents i wore

i used to love hearing you talk

your london jokes, Dhariwal

you were a Sweet heart!


i only wish you were around today

we could have spoken at length

the tea times

our biryani jaunts

our happiness to just know

we are around

not the lovers though

but in love


Rest in peace

my friend, my harbinger of luck

you did your best

to make me feel good about self

i’ll remember you ever

as i always have done

in our case






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