can ‘i’ passive smoke,this time with you?

i am aware

you are going laugh it off

take me in a tight hug

smile a little more

look into my eyes

may be say ‘no’

i but have been planning to just put ambience in show

slight change of curtains

no clutter



no cooking

just imagine

we’ll read the night


sitting lost meditative

sometimes my eyes will see dreams for your

yours will get those extremes

drunk on night

a curl of smoke

why not


say ‘yes’ please


i know i may forget this whim but

i want to see approval in your being

of some madness

of some other innocent passivity

between two of us


silence in words

a gratefulness

a kandisa

and ..

passive smoke


light up

flare it

we’ll breathe

may be


no drags

in drags out

the day we unite again




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