wrong side of forties:40’s PREFACE

it was on my mind, for a long time when i would revisit my young days, i would want see a different perspective as to where i have reached.what i have in tandem left behind, even now beyond my reach.

certainly i might have questions for myself.i’ll sit on a cliff to have one view past my life and may be, i might never have a single moment of regret.because on the wrong side of forties, perspectives make it still altogether better.not at all bitterly. our aspirations, our galore and extensions of the thought eventually reach the equilibrium. i would want to keep the fondest of memories.and i would like to reflect to, on to the past from the brim of future.

i have to pen down. an urge is there to explore:

present from past, unto future.

what next,i am to explore




Dated :


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