Karan Kharb

this book caught my fancy.

very simple reason, i related to the theme and somewhere i could sense and feel one with the cover page.

see, i used to see this rural settings when from my small town,Rohtak i would come to Delhi for no reason in particular but just to smell freedom, i was hardly 15. and this picture setting of the back ground is like; was my only connect when i studied the rural settings in general.

sorts of socio economic dynamics.


okay,then i read a bit on the cover page,i connected with it point blank.Crispness was there and i loved this “Enteryami” stuff,created by Karan.

i could not resist. i had to touch base with him.

and talk this book with him.his eyes,how they perceived, his dealing with the depth and the research that gotten into it.


who is the right person to ask all this?


The writer himself.



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