Just that moment,was my moment


The moment I come out of my sleep……THAT VERY FIRST LIGHT…. gives me hope of a new life….gives me energy of a new beginning….gives me a hope to be alive ….the day passes with the strength of that very first light…..the very first light is it an opportunity or a warning makes me go dry….is it the sun or the merciful God giving the opportunity to see that first light and will it be the same God or sun who will deny the same first light when the day finally comes to say good bye…..God’s sun or sun God tell me when to say bye before u shut that very first light


There are small ways,you touch my life. there is crisp caliber about you and i , the roads you tread,i steady myself in your gear,you are the sun that carries me through the hind-sights,of the eloping sun crazed beams.you think,it was i the very first ray of light but on the contrary you were the warmth left in me, as the somewhat of hearth deft in me.i was the sky,i could just comply.

and that was it to be.

we met,we’ll meet.it’ll go on repeat.

in death,in life-discrete.


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