Man,in my life?Not a possibility so far.

i for sure,love my space.

my seriousness into everything.

i have snobbish preferences.

i freak out with anything normal.

such as companionship,communion,

and what not?

they are lovely words till have no meanings in superficial world.

i mean by my own admission i seek something beyond my understanding.

and i confess,it is just in my mind.

my parameters,my moods, my whims.

my steep observations into minds.

my disappointments, my appreciations.

my denials.

i might not be too simple woman ,

whom can be sweet talked in illusions.

fooled into everyday mundane affairs

i word it out, exactly how i see,

the opposite gender.

i am not bad at it.

i am not hiding or bluntly stating it.

i have my share of intelligence,

And i am not faking it.

i am honest with my words.

too much.

That is too much.


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