I was just chit chatting this evening,

Very non-formal talk,

the sort you say things you want.

Yes, of course with my Boss.

How a bit I got into my crazy ways of having my ways,

and how I was tamed when at age of 21,left my home to teach at Punjab.

I actually re-collected my old golden young days,

My crazy ideals,values,odd, sweet and naive ways.

Brought a lovely smile on my face,

when I said,” I would not stand this all -what all,if my daughter was like me at any point.”

I mean-Crazy,may be.



About Sumita Jetley

I had never thought that writing takes such a heart in me. I never had thought that I and it would be in each other but suddenly I as well know, life is never without it be, expressed and relished in its foremost quiet beauty.
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