Children are a very well thought decision

The more I am going grey in hair,more I am gaining a lot of insight into things as to how wise the decisions are to be when it comes to life. I think, having kids of own is one of those very crucial decision a woman makes, and I can vouch for it that if there is them as the reason to go about,it never disappoints as such.

The fierceness and the commitment that a mother brings in life is something very natural and instinctive.Call it the stamina,call it the willingness to go that one extra step, I think comes from within if there is a call for it.I am surprised,certain changes have been very vital in my life. If I today start from the age I stepped into work and at present where I am today, I see a lot of difference in how I think,how I want to do my things.

First change was I did change my mind on marriage, next was having  kids of my own.Not that I seem having any respect lost for the organisation, but it is just the fact that I find that both are hell lot of commitments.Again,I am not shy of commitments if asked very frankly but still I find them heavy commitments.And for past few days,I have been thinking just quietly to myself that what scares me mostly as when it is in regards with commitments.May be,I expect too bit much even from commitments.

I am unsure, as to date of today,per say.


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