Crazy madness me!


And this means,nothing heck easy. I can’t be easy.

I have my ways with the ways, I kill myself and not that easy.

I am crazed and mad woman,

On my way…


And,I missed you today.

And felt you close with me.

My Imagination,

You are my love.


I will,



Be there,with me there.

For you,

Cause you.

Give me that confidence.


You,whoever-whatever you are.

You are my first/last love.

Baba ‘sells’

I mean,that ‘s not funny. Baba knows how to sell.

We,all the bit snobs can go to hell!

The kind a stuff,he does,

I,in comparison do nothing just bluff.

Yesterday,I was searching on him,

Case study sorts.

On a serious note-I looked out for careers,

But there were barriers and no access.


Baba, me in queue as a marketer,

Give me attention due.