A very light hearted discussion I had with myself,and I am at peace

Something eats into me,

I just can’t put a finger on it, as yet what that is.

Then,a point comes fog lifts and I can still see.

This actually makes me think,

what do i see and why is that-what only i see.

Can’t there be some method to the madness,

Can’t there be some sanity to this inane all?

Many a times, I have felt annoyed and beaten by myself.

And there have been times,I still have none but self for myself.

What will happen,

When it shall happen?

What would be my loss,

my gains? And whys would too stroll in.

What would i do with myself?

But,I then look forward to myself,too..

My home coming, My Wait and just how I feel it this way..

खुद को जाते हुए देख रही हूँ,

एक धुंधलाते हुए क्षितिज की ओर मैं बहुत तेज़ी से खुद को जाते हुए देख रही हूँ,
शायद न लौटूँ अब,
थक रही हूँ मैं।

शब्दों से, भीड़ से , बाज़ार से
लोगो से ,खुद से

कुछ बच रही हूँ मैं।

क्या बचपन है,
किस से डर रहीं हूँ मैं ?

शायद, विडम्बना यही है,
बेझिझक चल रही हूँ मैं ,

कहीं दूर,

किसी बहुत ऊंचाई से अब गिर रही हूँ मैं ,
बेझिझक चल रही हूँ मैं।

But…I am breaking too..
Matter of time now.

Will shatter in pieces and re-invent the edges.


Who knows this better than i?

let me break now.