Tired look on my face

No clue, from where this has come from, they said “Tan” ? But to me it seems as if these are burns.

Itchy and dry facial skin.What is the wrong over there?

Hot water splash or loss of moisture?

I can not quite figure out.But..

I would figure out. The reason for this tiredness.

Or just seasonal dryness gone out of hand.



As if…

Nobody seems bothered,I as if can stay back only.They just want me enjoy and read.

I guessed so.The boys go teary if I read out my itinerary.Officer holds my departure as an affair he would address when he wants.They are just happy,with me around.


Being their part,back at Assam.


Neither do I mind.But,my commitments do want..me toiling away away from Assam.I would travel and work hard to get back,this part.

Dear Colonel,

We used to share same Buddy.I used to see your meals delivered just like me.I was told you had taken ill.

You used to stay in room all day.And that was all I heard last of you.

Morning..You were no more in room.Our Buddy informed me,you had taken quite another heavenly route.What must I do ?


I have never met you,would ever meet you but…I know you will be fine.Just make sure,next time if I come to know about something as this,I go knock at the door and say,” I have loved you.”Solitude shall be halfened.And journey cheerful?


It is difficult

How do I leave behind the people and the goodness of their hearts?

They gave me an access to their lives freely when I asked.I was there with them because of them here at Shillong.


The Recruits,young Sepoys,the Officers Brave hearts! I shared the meals,I shared their cheer,tears,their smiles and the gloom at times.I bounced back,and forgot my home because I had my home with them.

Now,how do I say my good byes,I refuse.I would not.My home and hearth shall be open for these people even when I am gone.


But; where would I  go? Wherever I would go….these people are my heart.


People at “Shillong!”






Re treat

I want sleep away.Nobody to bother or be bothered about.A quiet self.Me.


We . I want you next to me. A quiet retreat.I need my peace in piece of you.


Let us retreat from our humus affairs.Let us release each other of each other for each other.A true retreat.