Son or Daughter?

I am biased, I love sons.

They reflect Your mini version.

You love a daughter,

As she shall always shall adore You.

I felt, I thought it the whole morning.

A son or a daughter?

Could not argue with myself or You.

Ended up praying for a twin-one each.

And carried on with day in peace.



3 thoughts on “Son or Daughter?

  1. Some societies really revere male children over female. I was glad my father really wanted a daughter not a son. I felt if nothing else, valued and appreciated equally to men. I have long thought women were the truly beauty of this world and we should appreciate them thus, which can only be done if we are equally as glad to have a daughter as a son. I for one would welcome a daughter more than a son but that is my bias 🙂

      1. Nothing wrong with some need to be selfish it is how we survive 🙂 xxx

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