Sometimes I wonder and I wish..

Let me put it straight that I worry.I worry about the things not many people heed this much attention to, e.g. I worry about my projects, I worry about my clients, I worry about my colleagues, I worry about my locked home, I worry about each and every thing.

I worry about people I care about. I worry that I worry too much.


And without worry, I am nothing more the less!



There are things we can explore together

Just the feel, the talk the open minded talk of ours for hours and hours,

We can just make sure, we talk and share the being of ours.

Open up and still smell of each other, I do not know why I word this all for you,

Somehow I have a feeling I do crave for you.

The Real you, to show up

No frills. We make love and stay in arms forever,

After ever, However..time shall freeze.

ऐना प्यार न प मुटियारे

ऐना प्यार न प मुटियारे , वाद इच रोना पे जाऊँगा

अथ्रू थोड़े पे जायूँगे, विच जमघट कले पे जाऊगे
फिर घूप हनेरे ते स्याह रातां,  कलियाँ कालियां ते उदास रातां,
उडीका वालियां, ठंडियां ते उदास रातां ,
कलिया कटनियाँ पे जऔंगिया !
ऐना प्यार न प मुटियारे , वाद इच रोना पे जाऊँगा
मैं फड़दा हथ खिंच लाँगा ,तेनू कालिया छड जाऊंगा !

You are back..

I am glad, we’ll resume our chats, may be our love making too.Times had been tough, me just chattering away with myself. I dare say, I have been missing you and did crave too just speaking with you.

Could not.

Now, a strange habit has settled in just like that. A Silence.

You are back.



Son or Daughter?

I am biased, I love sons.

They reflect Your mini version.

You love a daughter,

As she shall always shall adore You.

I felt, I thought it the whole morning.

A son or a daughter?

Could not argue with myself or You.

Ended up praying for a twin-one each.

And carried on with day in peace.