I am a ‘Woman’

I am Yours with all my dexterity and my depth. My joys, my confusions, my revisions, my uphills and my downfalls. My pauses and my words, indeed.

I flower with each of your touch, your breath on me. I evolve with your lips touching me and sewing every patch of my soul with your heat and passion.The way, you roll over me,cross your fingers into me , undress me.

Reveals me to you and I still long for that penetration, I have no name ever for what.It is as if you take away peels and peels from my being and still I crave for something of you that you choose not to share.

Yes,you can trace my contours and only you can do it because with you, I want speak my heart out, hand you over my burden of being a woman.And be reborn.


A Woman.


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