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Strangeness of the hearts, mind and soul

This is very unworldly as if some stretch of light came by, It has knocked at my heart door. I have answered it, Now the doors are all set in on me. I am wondering!   What all was that? … Continue reading

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Comfort in your company!

We are… just perfect with each other. Bit Smile to each other, An addition to life. A Celebration in the course of events. Sort of ‘Made for Each Other’. And our love for life. Legendary. Sweeeeet Heart? Ain’t this?  

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I love you!

Just in Love, All Smiles I suddenly have thought, thanking Some one Above. For you. For your crazy love for me. My intensity. And suddenly, I have just thanked. And went back to a big lovely Smile. ‘Jaan’ From your … Continue reading

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Till death does us apart

What difference would it be to us, Jaan now? We are almost done. Not much fight, No wishes within us. We are having now each other. Things are falling apart from us. You must be scared and sad somewhere, I … Continue reading

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Whom Shall I Tag Along with,nothing was permanent?

Fixtures and pauses I kept looking at, I stared right into their eyes, Emptiness showed up there. I did shut my eyes. Nothing changed, And Yes! this was all about life. Let’s run away.We’ll make a world

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When the love formed a cocoon around me!

I was just floored,things and the consequences were gone for a toss. I was forgetting who we were, Where were heading. It was a new world, I was lifted and so cozily in your arm tracks. Virtually, though as you … Continue reading

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हाय अंदाज़ तेरे रुकने का, वक़्त को भी रुका रुका देखा !

I could not move any further, I could not stop too, I could not think too, I could not walk too. Days I counted, Endless, and I could not bring my meanings in words too. तेरी आँखों में हमनें क्या … Continue reading

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