Till death does us apart

What difference would it be to us, Jaan now?

We are almost done. Not much fight,

No wishes within us.

We are having now each other.

Things are falling apart from us.

You must be scared and sad somewhere,

I am too lost here somewhere.

But, let us do it gracefully.

Let us be done with life peacefully.

Let us together live,whatever days.

Cry silent tears happily.

Let us leave ‘whatever’ of us behind.

Let our souls get into a unison somewhere.

So, that we die after be done with life.

Together and With each other..



हाय अंदाज़ तेरे रुकने का, वक़्त को भी रुका रुका देखा !

I could not move any further,

I could not stop too,

I could not think too,

I could not walk too.

Days I counted,

Endless, and I could not bring my meanings in words too.

तेरी आँखों में हमनें क्या देखा?

I do not know.


फिर न आया ख्याल जन्नत का , जब तेरे घर का रास्ता देखा