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A bit normalcy!

What is that? A sort of seasoning or what? Somewhat crisp, sturdy drink or what? Normalcy, Is what? A paradox. A Hypocrisy. A myth. A cover up. An artifice.   So What? I must be abnormal even to think this … Continue reading

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Clueless, feeling low, may be I must stay more calm

Or travel to some places minus baggage. A bit like few thoughts I have become dismissive of, somewhere I am refusing to fit in, to blend with.   Anything.

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Pancham Da- His notes, His Charm

This song has always reminded me of someone very innocent and somewhat very innocent times. I have gone back to my teen years, on and off and relived this adorable song somebody when exclusively sung it for me.   That … Continue reading

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Standards. People. Choices. I hate the thought of it this way. And I am sitting alone by myself today. About to burst in tears, by myself. Where is the sea? Where is that see? Where is He? Where is my … Continue reading

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Let’s get drunk today

Just a thought. You want shut the people out, close doors on situations you can’t control. Just the way you hit the bottle quietly. Pass out quietly. Just a thought. Contemplating. नचन्गे सारी रात सोनियो वई

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  This is strange, astonishing and astray fact. Fact, what to say I feel bereft, Guesses when they are made, Vague. Life Is an Impression in its make. For its sake. I gaze at it, on every page, space.   … Continue reading

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After a long day, when you have actually made something of the day, its deep stretches, its stray magic. You seem to miss that one strong, versatile thread..comfort of home coming. That depth and that one very moment of magic, … Continue reading

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