Pancham Da- His notes, His Charm

This song has always reminded me of someone very innocent and somewhat very innocent times. I have gone back to my teen years, on and off and relived this adorable song somebody when exclusively sung it for me.


That class room, that autumn break, that awkwardness, that one person who could dare.Life has never been same after that one day.

I have missed that song, that singer- And yesterday, its composer.



 Remembering Pancham! And through him, Someone I will never forget.




After a long day, when you have actually made something of the day, its deep stretches, its stray magic. You seem to miss that one strong, versatile thread..comfort of home coming. That depth and that one very moment of magic, and after writing this much, I had dozed off yesterday.

Very rarest of the rare, it happens that I reach home early thinking I would work as much to my heart’s content.Then, I boot up, I sit all energized and then I sleep off happily.

Because, this is me. I remember there was a time when I could listen to my heart beats, my strong intuition about self and do things whatever told, me to me bases. Gone are the days when I listen to myself.



My question and answer to me.