I need a husband


Of late, I joke with my friends, ” I need  a husband” .

Somebody for whom I care.

Somebody who cares for me.

Somebody with whom I share my passion and my purpose.

Somebody who is there for me , waiting to just sit with me,

With me in arms, doing nothing at times.

I think, I  need to see my Docs, this of late is not me.

जीना यहां , मरना यहां इसके सिवा जाना कहाँ ?

Mera Naam Joker.jpg

Sometimes, I am heart broken that my heart plays on me few tricks.It just rips me apart when it likes.I go drastically hung over, nothing at all seems then working for me.

I do not like your arms either, I do not want , anymore,what I want the most.

I want …my calm.And..my resolve..And :

जीना यहां , मरना यहां इसके सिवा जाना कहाँ ?