Saturday turned into Sunday

All night, we talked and talked into the grim day.

This was extreme and complete sway.

We were most rational in our thoughts, sorted out and accomplice to our hearts,

I am okay and shall be okay with where we head to,

There is no surety as well that where would we head to,

Quietly, we would walk the path,

Path will disappear.

No fear, let us widely steer the destiny in eyes.

Let us wine ,dine on ‘thought’ most nights as our yesterday night.


However much we deny..

We both are on fire.

Things are bloody staying where they are.

We are going,gone, shall be gone very far.

I have thought of many things all by myself, when I sit,I stand, I talk, I thought.

What was there which was not there?

I am not aware.

You were there. And it was enough for me to forbear.

After all…you were my love trail.