What could I do ?

You wanted it this way. I let you be that way.

I left you all by yourself, I went to all to myself.

Sometimes, the hurts are so incredibly personal,

that you have no words, you have no complaints.

But still in your heart you know,

Things are not working up.

You are still in love but not feeling loved.

No use, imagining up things.

Just let your wounds be opened to existence.

Breathe easy, It shall be easy to take it up on yourself.

A decision to let the other person be.

And have your freedom of choice prevail.

Thought Clad

Afterall, you love others for your own sake.


I know the thought torments you

I could have been in your arms,

You could have been in mine.

We could have talked endless.

We could have been each other’s companions.

You went.

I went silent.

You broke the silence.

I lived the silence.

I know you thought a lot.

You felt bad too, but you left an impression on my heart.

I didn’t wipe or swapped it with your thoughtfulness.

I just preferred silence and sulk.