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When I say -“Nothing”

Something is always there. I have a neat habit of hiding away behind , ‘my nothings.’ And I love you can read things behind my ‘nothings.’ I feel more loved day by day, You being near me. Advertisements

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Diplomacy is short term solution

You go smiling. You go agreeing. You go being sweet. You go after the ‘fact’ too. Why not go ‘directly?’ And still nicely but not politically correct always? Did I say something somewhat undiplomatically?

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Online Shopping

I did. Enjoyed. Time to make some Tea. Read & Sleep. Wee long weekend officially. Bought myself a Saree today.  

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And Why Thus so?

Thought, I thought:   ‘I am not thinking today.’

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दिल चाहता है

I speak up my mind I have thought. I am not going to check out what Aamir said. I know, controversy has erupted. But दिल चाहता है And why we won’t let him speak?

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जीवन का मतलब तो आना और जाना है

Holding life under breath. Breath holding the life. Life left. Left Life.   Breathe in the Yogic Manner

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Mind deceives

I perceive words . But yawn off at times. I like my silence still the better.

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