दिल चाहता है


I speak up my mind

I have thought.

I am not going to check out what Aamir said.

I know, controversy has erupted.


दिल चाहता है

And why we won’t let him speak?

जीवन का मतलब तो आना और जाना है

Holding life under breath.

Breath holding the life.

Life left.

Left Life.

Life left


Breathe in the Yogic Manner

Anticipation !

In My Eyes, Your Eyes


Afresh in my eyes, your dreams.

Oh Sweet heart, we will meet finally one of these days.

Both have to sit absorbed in each other ,foot hills of Shillong.

I have waited, You have waited.

My God! Wait seems over.

Skies are open, Smiles are frequent.

I am lost in dreams.

You on Frontier,

My Soldier, I shall be on way next month soon.

Our Silent Prayers have been answered today.