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Foreign Services-the charming folks, so sweet folks

I liked it very much the way, Jaishankar brings in the people, the changes & at some point ideas.I sort of have bumped into him now a days more frequently in the news. Fellow doesn’t need me to be vouching … Continue reading

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I have felt sad today for not having you had over here today

I felt as if something was amiss today, You, your presence. Everything did hurt today. Color,Joy & Splendor was in air, Made me feel a slight cold today.  Never mind. I shall not bother you,today.

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Way Beyond, I was searching for a way

The way. Till I chased. It disappeared. I stopped, it was in awe of me. This was least expected by it. This ‘meek’ confrontation.

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Good to think it this way

Thoughtful And yes,why not? At times, it is all good to say, the thoughts that are there. On mind. In thoughts. Unsaid.

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How could I go to sleep?

I was supposed jotting down the notes. I was supposed bringing this down all on paper. My pain, My thoughts, My Inner And I slept. Lost to the World. I prefer a shut out complete some times. None to bother … Continue reading

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I keep hearing people. I keep listening.

I hear them a lot now a days. They come from many sides, Telling me things, I often have heard of them. I still listen to them but am not much into any hurry to ‘act’. I just bid for … Continue reading

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When the World Shuts its doors on you – CLOSED!

Naturally, you would never beg off the ‘doors’ to open. Since you had a very planned ‘exit’. You simply left, there was least the possibility of retaining your grounds. You whined but ‘left’. Life was always that straight & sorted … Continue reading

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