Would you suffice me someday?

Dew Drop not to be dropped

मैं ओस के मोतियों की तरह तुम्हें ढूंढा करूंगी,

चुप चाप कहीं , घास के इर्द गिर्द तुम्हारी राह तका करूंगी,
आँखें नम भी होंगी , तो तुम्हें कब खबर होगी?
मैं चुप चाप नमी को सोखा करुँगी पर विनम्र रहूंगी।
कोई और रास्ता भी तो नहीं है,
कुछ और सूझता भी तो नहीं हैं ,
तुम्हारे गुजरने का पर रास्ता तो यही है ?
इसी मोड़ पर, इसी ढर्रे पर से गुज़रोगे ?
मुझे कभी तो , मुट्ठी में भरोगे?
आकाश को श्रद्धांजलि दोगे ?
मुझे तसल्ली तो दोगे ?
मैं टूट कर बिखर भी जाऊं,
खो भी जाऊं,
तुम इस राह से गुज़र करोगे?
Sweet heart, like a dew drop I would look out for you.
Just across the grass lands, over the green patches.
Eyes would be moist but what difference?
I would quietly absorb the moisture and stay polite.
There is no other way other than that, this, those.
I can’t think of anything else at all.
But Sweet Heart, is this your way, that you shall take?
This particular point, this purview,
Would this be your regular way to go?
Would you suffice me someday?
Would you pay my tribute to skies someday with your palms enfolded into me?
Would you console me at least?
I am alright, to be doomed,
I am okay, gone, having gone lose.
But would you pass this way?

There would always be options to weigh, there would always be dots that might go astray

When I would start the journey,

which anyways I have,

there would be lesser ways to stop or step back.

I would be constantly on move,

doing the this or that.

Rather I am now already.

What makes me completely in awe is that this is how,

that is ought.

I do not know,

I love thinking things that others don’t.

Usually, it can be anything,

Whatever you call.

Love knows not me

I too can’t recall what was it,

how all & still be it.

Oh My God!

Ab ke baras woh haal hai

Life shall but move happy and ascertain

Love changes the Perspectives

भावुक हो जाती हूँ,
हूँ कुछ इस तरह से ही ,
साफ़ मन के कपाट बोल जाती हूँ ,
फिर बहुत पछताती हूँ ,
लोग खो देती हूँ , अधिकतर
पर बाज़ कहाँ आती हूँ?
When you fall in love,
You don’t keep secrets from Beloved.
You are exposed,
And that is the only way you know.
You regret later,
You might lose your love,
but who cares?
Nothing much can be done about me