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Would you suffice me someday?

मैं ओस के मोतियों की तरह तुम्हें ढूंढा करूंगी, चुप चाप कहीं , घास के इर्द गिर्द तुम्हारी राह तका करूंगी, आँखें नम भी होंगी , तो तुम्हें कब खबर होगी? मैं चुप चाप नमी को सोखा करुँगी पर विनम्र … Continue reading

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I can’t put away your memories, I can’t hold back myself

I have to write to you. Why should I stop at it? Let me say it, ” I love it when we share things.”

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However hard I try, I miss you hard

Nothing consoles me. Nothing makes me at peace with self. I am lost without you. And losing out on you? I would long, And prolong my misery. In silence.

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There would always be options to weigh, there would always be dots that might go astray

When I would start the journey, which anyways I have, there would be lesser ways to stop or step back. I would be constantly on move, doing the this or that. Rather I am now already. What makes me completely … Continue reading

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Love changes the Perspectives

भावुक हो जाती हूँ, हूँ कुछ इस तरह से ही , साफ़ मन के कपाट बोल जाती हूँ , फिर बहुत पछताती हूँ , लोग खो देती हूँ , अधिकतर पर बाज़ कहाँ आती हूँ? When you fall in love, … Continue reading

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I shall leave you alone in your comfort zones

I have thought about it by now. Quietly & at times pretty loudly. What all is there to be thought? Or ought? No ideas in making.

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Some Romanticism is okay, I hope.

What is wrong, if I hope it this way? Why can’t you spare yourself a bit to me? We could together walk the way, Quite Romantically!

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