Of course,it hurts at times

There are those times. 

Just that stand by my bed side and look at me. 

Quietly when I cry quietly. 

Thinking it to myself ,

Where am I going wrong. 

But then, 

I sleep quietly. 

Sobbing to my heart. 

In the hold of hopeful mornings. 

Sun covers up the black clouds. 

Black clouds bring rains of their own. 

Earth holds the moisture, 

and grows. 

Prospers in its misery but joyous bounty. 

I forget small things, 

in these facets. 

Sleep leaves me on a higher errand. 

I sleep in the mind. 

To awaken fresh & fragile to break monotony. 


Wall Street – ‘Chaos of the mind.’

Walking Down the Street!

                                                                      Walking Down the Street!

Disco Beats of the Mind, Driving the Fast Lanes

Just the mind,

Mind ,

In the Beats


the Melodies

This is not going to end.


Clash & Criss Cross,

Till It Drives me Crazy.

Walking up,


Right the lanes

the Mind.


Do I actually mind?

Let me walk,

in mind.

And I like the walk this way.

Risky & the Frisky Bylanes.

Of mind.