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The way you make me feel

It is simply, how you are . Handsomely inviting, Your looks, your zeal, Your commitment. The way you make me feel.  It is like the caressing of thousand winds. Your presence just does this to me. The way you make … Continue reading

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Night is descending, my Love!

And life is passing by two of us. Give me a hand, Let’s make up for lost days. Let’s wrap each other into each other, till the day. Night can, but stay. And we can wait for the ‘day.’

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This is how I feel, Closer to you. In you, With you. There have been always the times I have felt so…. An O…….r……g.a…….s………………………………………………………..m!

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Beautiful is the life we have, shall have together.

Naturally, as far as we can see, I see you next to me. And that is the thing that sounds very much a beautiful to me. Our getting together, like winds. Our getting together , like seas. Our togetherness, so … Continue reading

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Why is it important to love and be loved?

Options can be many, Things can go berserk But, in the long run Togetherness is all what counts. I dream of the day, Us , together Mulling over time. Ripened age.

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The touch factor of yours on me.

This is indeed that might kill me. Your breath and hands on me. I admit, I sound crazy but then, between man and woman there has to be privacy. Exposed bodies, Exposed minds snuggled together. They can dream, just few … Continue reading

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The Meeting that changed the course of thinking

Par it were you Par it was me. It was ‘mutually.’ Your cordiality, Mine Feminine trust in you. Of course, this was interesting, to see you caring about me. I assure you, I have never felt so well attended, so … Continue reading

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