Parties are the ‘people’ you can touch.

I have always thought.

Thought a lot.

‘Parties’ remind me of my elder brother always.

Where in his arm clasped I barge in hearts.

That too now that both of us are crossing mid thirties.

And we can feel comfortable and at ease.

Usually, he breaks to his zone,

I am okay in my zone.

We ‘part’, we complete each other.

Now, it’s you.

I know, there are things you will teach me.

To go ‘parties’ with you,

not him.

But, sweet heart! don’t you agree,

parties are where people are ‘part’

and not some casual machineries assembled

one fine day to undergo ‘service?’

I need talk to you.

This part too.

I refused to go to ‘one’ today.

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