Let’s finish things off, sort out the people

I am looking forward to ‘our’ weekend

Casual and more thoughtfully planned:

your way.

“Yes” I have lost my brains.

I trust you because now I feel,

companionship,is all about ‘caring.’

I want to have us just to each other

dot at ‘seven.’

First, we don’t do anything

just sit with each other.

“Let me sleep, if I fell so” but

Just keep me in your hold.

Sounds very erratic, but we both know,

we are going to be ‘married’ to our respective solitudes,

if either of us , let each other go.

This makes both of us inseparable,

The ‘fear’ of losing each other,

after ‘finding’ back each other,

I don’t want anything to come in-between,

not even my fears.

I want savor your salt & peppery hair,

your charming smile,

before I ‘die’

in your arms.

Let us,

Let us,

finish the things;

my responsibilities,

your ‘Red taped’ files.

You asked me today, ” How am I going to stay how I am in your life, when

books are your life ( Code for wife*)?”

No clue, but shut those files, this Saturday for you too are ‘someone’s’ life.

I am not buying your excuses,

things can wait, my sleep that day can’t,

the one I have thought of ‘ in your arms.’


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