Thanks, Sweet heart!

Both of us were prompt,

correct & measured in our steps.

You took me to IHC,

Introduced me to all your friends.

You asked for “Tea’,

I said, “Yes” with glee.

Mr.Bureaucracy, as I have now started calling you,

You are meticulous when it comes to woman,

So, we talked weather.

And ‘no’ whethers.

You kept asking me if I am comfortable.

I died to whisper, ” With you around ,I am uncomfortable.”

Your eyes followed my gaze at times,

sheepish smiles exchanged.

You have decided coming weekend be spent together,

sipping teas, reading newspapers.

I am impressed and you have also smiled,

I have joked on your Civil Services etiquettes.

Sweet heart! I assure you ,

I will give you a match for your sophistication.

I quite liked it actually having you spoiling me.

I liked your clear mind, I liked the way you never

tried anything odd or anything even.

We both are not interested in anything else,

except holding each other next.

I know, I am safe with you.

You know,I trust you.

I liked the way you kissed my hand,

calling me ‘nuts’.

I swear you had the guts.

And please dare not tell again this to your driver,

“Jagjeet Singh, Madam is in love with you & your Sir.”

What should we do next weekend?

You said to leave it to you.

I am awake till you take me in embrace.

I insist we cook,

You insist , “the cook is there.”

I love you,

for taking my crazy ways in your stride,

My Dear Mr.Bureaucracy.

You showed up with flowers actually.

I am mad about you for your gentleness & heavy polish.

And you want make sure, I save your no.

Sweet heart, you are now in my heart,

not just a no.


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