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तुम पे हज़ारों की आँखें , चाहिए तुमको सहारा

When you actually sit & look the menfolk in their eyes, and challenge all their existence. You will see they step back, they actually retreat. I have always observed ‘men’, I don’t but trust ‘men.’ They are funny, agony & … Continue reading

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I am sometimes wondering to myself..

I look at us. I think, I guess it alright that something is painfully subdued about us. That we are, separate but we are much alike in our disposition. We are in love, We want to be together. At the … Continue reading

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I trust in you, and I know you are there for me.

Things change, and they change for better. Dreams usher in, and make place for themselves. Just that lovers breathe together. And give space to each other. But in love, companionship matters. It is a longing, deep down that swish pasts, … Continue reading

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Nothing gets me more enthused

Nothing, routine is pretty fine for now. Life is about , nothing but an organised hassle. Nothing can change that. Neither your denial nor submission.

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Exactly how I feel today

Relaxed, Lazy , Sleepy, Alert And opposite of all above.

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ऐ दीवाने दिल , चल कहीं दूर निकल जाएँ 

कई बार खाली सड़कों की ओर देखती हूँ, सुनसान लोगों को , उस पर चहलते बहलते देखती हूँ , उनकी गहराई की सतह में एक, उथलापन देखती हूँ , भीड़ भाड़ देखती हूँ , चालाकी देखती हूँ, नापतोल देखती हूँ, … Continue reading

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Lovers & the Contrasts

I have always thought, the similarities & the contrasts, between you and me. The only thing , which is common between us is that we know the ‘least’about each other.

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