तुम पे हज़ारों की आँखें , चाहिए तुमको सहारा

I might rather prefer  my chocolates over men.

I might rather prefer my chocolates over men.

When you actually sit & look the menfolk in their eyes,

and challenge all their existence.

You will see they step back,

they actually retreat.

I have always observed ‘men’,

I don’t but trust ‘men.’

They are funny,

agony & self-important,

but sweet.

Yes, they are ideal for courting

but worth deporting as soon as

you trace their face ,

their eyes ;

Compare them with skies.

You may not need them after a while.

Bet it ‘woman’

today at it, with me.

I trust in you, and I know you are there for me.

Nothing is complete without you.

Nothing is complete without you.

Things change, and they change for better.

Dreams usher in, and make place for themselves.

Just that lovers breathe together.

And give space to each other.

But in love, companionship matters.

It is a longing,

deep down that swish pasts,

there is somewhat liking and clear passion

that wants to get over with formalities & strike a chord.

This is too onset go to achieve the sequence.

This is far too beyond the grid & grand.

The criss-cross never ends.

But the dependability always remain,

The availability to each other,

even in worst should be proclaimed,

in the likely circumstances of ‘love.’

ऐ दीवाने दिल , चल कहीं दूर निकल जाएँ 

May be!

May be!

कई बार खाली सड़कों की ओर देखती हूँ,
सुनसान लोगों को ,
उस पर चहलते बहलते देखती हूँ ,
उनकी गहराई की सतह में एक,
उथलापन देखती हूँ ,
भीड़ भाड़ देखती हूँ ,
चालाकी देखती हूँ,
नापतोल देखती हूँ,
सोचती हूँ,
थकन होती है,
ख्वामखाह, एक झंझट,
यह सब कुछ।
पर यही है सब कुछ,
किधर जाये ?