When I am lost, I find you.

This is strange.

Very Strange.

Our painful existence.

I am happy,

at times in my unhappiness.

I am unhappy,

when sound too happy.

I don’t want be greedy,

asking for too much in life.

Is it less I can breathe everyday,

finding you around?

I have no explanations and vocations

except seeing you around.

Neither this is possession, nor you are my obsession.

I am too straight forward with you.

But I know exactly,

how it feels when ‘ something’ does bother you.

I can’t change anything,

But we can stay on the same road,

till I am stuck in a cliff and you are gone to

claim your heights.

Sometimes, life is rebellious,

a killer more well-versed in its regime.

At least we are breathing these moments


Lets’ close our eyes.


Take my hand off your hands,

May be I can die,

better without your hand in mine.

Some paths are lonely,

Even lovers don’t pass through together,


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