What the hell,where is the sleep?

Gone with you or

lost to me?

I asked,

You heard.

We paused & posed,

the same question to each other.

We hugged and went to sleep

in sleeplessness of slumber.

Hyper activity shall kill me,

you, us both Honey!

But again,

Let’s be hyper .

After all,

we’ll both suffer together,

the lethargy,

once it is all over.

Life shall be all over,

all over on us,

And then, we’ll together

grow old in age, mind,body,soul.

Till then,

let two of us play the role.

You achieve, I applaud.

I can go on like this,

but ‘life’might kill me.

quite silently,

not at all hyper-actively.

Then you might miss your ‘partner’

in hyper-activity.

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