What ‘seduction’ has to do with ‘maturity?’

Now, No .You better know, 

I am , yes, at times very vulnerable

to the charms and attention but I 

don’t pursue it any further than a line

because nothing is incomplete 

in its completion & completeness. 

There is always a point to be debated, 

an unsaid pull 

but just an artistic release.

Silk 01

Either a ‘woman’ is to be touched 

or never be seduced. 

There is no mid way for two opposite genders.

‘Maturity’ & ‘values’ are a cock-tail lounge, 

to sit and escape or to retaliate to the 

invites thrown in way by mind.

Silk 02

But again, mind has its way 

to be insanely , very sane.

Vetoed .

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