Anything that makes me love life shall do -मुझे होश में न आने दो sorts even

एक तो कम है जवांनी , हाँ
उससे भी कम ज़िंदगानी हाँ…
Sometimes I wonder, what should be so romantic about the perfection? This becomes a pain when one starts catching up on details like hell.
Some fun should be there. I got into larger than life Feroz Khan and then, things are falling in place and I am having feel good factum too.
जब तक खून में रवानी ,
 जब तक इश्क़ और जवानी ………….
I think, certain passions in life match मुझे होश में न आने दो step by step. 

About Sumita Jetley

I had never thought that writing takes such a heart in me. I never had thought that I and it would be in each other but suddenly I as well know, life is never without it be, expressed and relished in its foremost quiet beauty.
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