Vikram Seth

It is late ..
And I am stuck with you,

Nope, am not reading you
or your poetry or your
book for a change.

I am just thinking about you,
Vikram Seth.
Something is very abnormal in this,

I am in love with you,
I am not your fan,
Vikram Seth.

I just love your mind & intellect,
Can we go out on a ‘ date’
Vikram Seth?

Sumita Dear, Sumita
Let’s get out of WordPress
and your fancy about,

But , still you can try ,
Yours Vikram Seth.


    It’s not that late , Mr.Vikram Seth .

Yes, I am in love with this man ,

his class and may be his genre and class.

So, nothing wrong having him out on a Coffee Date.

I wanna know, his mind,

its loneliness and its

company in solitude,

A Suitable Boy,

All Who Sleep Tonight.

An Equal Music ,

Many on .

Tonight, there is nothing wrong ,

I am just remembering you ,

Vikram Seth.


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