लाल सलाम – India is a democratic, secular,socialist country . And the romance..

The capitalism,

high browed aristocracy ,

the democracy ,

and the romance of  लाल सलाम.

I have been thinking ,

what is so fascinating about लाल सलाम?

the ‘romanticized characters ‘ of the comrades,

their ideals and passion,

then the nationalism ?

the massacres,

the disappearing youth,



intellectuals,social thinkers,


trouble, disentangle,


am scared ,

very scared ,

but influenced by,

the hype it creates,

this , notion of लाल सलाम.

but, I would stay with democratic India.

but, something is fascinating about लाल सलाम

but I am socialist,

but what is the difference between communist & me……?

‘लाल सलाम’

I would not admit, this well sold ‘romance.’


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