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Nothingness but is there. So something is still there. ‘Some scope, thus still left. Nothing versus Something?” ,I said. You too said , “Somewhat, Something.” Advertisements

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Some days are silent, nobody is there

Silence of words, Hooting birds, Haste & Nerds- Nothing is there, “You” emerge. Period. Today. “You,” too are not there. Period.

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Breezing Silences, Breezes are Blowing.

What should be the ‘silence?’ May be the posture of a dancer, who changes each of the gesture, with one sway, and rhythmically tows the other flair? Or must be the ‘singer’ with every lurk, who sings and juxtaposes his … Continue reading

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When I am lost, I find you.

This is strange. Very Strange. Our painful existence. I am happy, at times in my unhappiness. I am unhappy, when sound too happy. I don’t want be greedy, asking for too much in life. Is it less I can breathe … Continue reading

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Seek solace in your pace.

And gently I would leave. Quietly I would be gone. Naturally, who would know? Nobody is ‘immortal’ in the world.

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The days are like multiplying..

Of a sweet longing, For somewhat uncertain clarity. I am not counting days, looks like my days are counted. Somewhere deep down, I am gone, on some long journey. People are still viewing me, Except me.

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हुज़ूर , आपका भी एहतराम करता चलूँ ………………सोचा सलाम करता चलूँ !

I am drunk , to the core. Something might emerge, Either ‘you’ or ‘this-that’ or ‘nothing’ Something will break inside me. Something might mend inside me. Something will call me, dialogue will start, night has started. Stars have reached, ‘bazm’ … Continue reading

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