Breezing Silences, Breezes are Blowing.

What should be the ‘silence?’

May be the posture of a dancer,

who changes each of the gesture,

with one sway,

and rhythmically tows the other flair?

Or must be the ‘singer’

with every lurk,

who sings and juxtaposes his notes with eternity.

Or may be just a ‘ note’

that both the ‘singer’ and the ‘ song’

wait to be picked.


Dreaming the dream

Or may be just a dream,

Neither rhythm,

nor a posture.

An ‘abstract’ concrete.

When I am lost, I find you.

This is strange.

Very Strange.

Our painful existence.

I am happy,

at times in my unhappiness.

I am unhappy,

when sound too happy.

I don’t want be greedy,

asking for too much in life.

Is it less I can breathe everyday,

finding you around?

I have no explanations and vocations

except seeing you around.

Neither this is possession, nor you are my obsession.

I am too straight forward with you.

But I know exactly,

how it feels when ‘ something’ does bother you.

I can’t change anything,

But we can stay on the same road,

till I am stuck in a cliff and you are gone to

claim your heights.

Sometimes, life is rebellious,

a killer more well-versed in its regime.

At least we are breathing these moments


Lets’ close our eyes.


Take my hand off your hands,

May be I can die,

better without your hand in mine.

Some paths are lonely,

Even lovers don’t pass through together,


हुज़ूर , आपका भी एहतराम करता चलूँ ………………सोचा सलाम करता चलूँ !

और कहने को क्या रह गया?

                                        और कहने को क्या रह गया?

I am drunk ,

to the core.

Something might emerge,

Either ‘you’ or ‘this-that’

or ‘nothing’

Something will break inside me.

Something might mend inside me.

Something will call me,

dialogue will start,

night has started.

Stars have reached,

‘bazm’ shall begin.

With somewhat a calm demeanour,

Select few can stay ,

People who know the way to ‘mykhaana’..

ले उड़ा फिर कोई ख्याल हमें ,
साकिया अब तू ही संभाल हमें।