The Heart to Heart Art of Hearts , Sleepless Nights

I have always thought of developing few characters around the grace, charm and gutsy Armed Forces. The Officers , with their eyes trained to figure out the coziness in the stiff life and decorum.Am thinking for years to live this fantasy on Paper. Poetry would be less emotive in this theme.

And I actually personally find the chaps a bit confused when it comes to courting woman.Nope, Nope me is not one of their favorites. But, Oh Come On , I guess they are a bit in their own world or little superficial make over when it comes to sensitive manners.

But, then how come , you know what am I saying. Oh God! Please fix my vision what I want to make them depict in my romantic writing, and fix me too why I want to write about them.


The sleek smart suave Ms.Verma enters the Club Hall and in seconds life in the eyes of zillion soldiers sparkle and they breathe the restlessness, visibly not there but their eyes that can’t leave that corner where she is accompanying her father.

Oh no , but here soldiers or officers, whatever , no the zest is . No, no . This shall not come yet. No. Long walks, breathing skies and trees, looking at dogs and the Park Railings. Oh no no, no , no. No. It won’t come that way . What the hell! Why now I am after Army Men? And that too put them on fiction sheet.

My Brains are gone to ………………which war? But, आ भी जा।


The passion , the tamed look,
This was not him.
This was ‘Her’in his eyes.

आ भी जा।


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