What the Woman Wants?

Naturally, this is not something , am clear and defined.

I pretend, I know but I actually don’t know at times.

When I am lonely, I don’t want company ,

Why am I lonely, Sweet heart I want to know,

with you besides me, My love!

I don’t blame you at all,

I must be difficult at all,

Impossible at times for you to read my minds.

Why can’t I forget you?

Why don’t you forget me?

Why do you love me?

Why do I love you?

Why we can’t stay together?

Why we can’t stay apart?

Why am I woman and you a man ?

Why can’t we reverse the roles for now?

Why can’t we together and alone in one go ?

Why do you go to come ?

Why do you come to go?

Why are there questions on me,

With answers None?

Why ? is there trust that nobody replaces,

And you are the trusted One.

This has become a catastrophe,

And you are a pause, I am stuck but plan to stay as such.

I think sometimes, you are so complete with the loved one, though you know many imperfections but imperfect perfections are too many to ignore. You tend to leave that as such. Right or wrong, go to hell. Emotions can burn in head but practical life moves as such.Smiles and craving again to be hurt. Oh God!This is Heavenly hell.


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