हुक्का पानी बंद हमारा

अरे बाप ! What a big price for speaking up the mind!!
I think now I understand how the top Bureaucrats, the people in hot seat feel. Umh, Sumita Jetley where you are heading to now? Sometimes are just the times like that. Oh Heavens! my mind if it starts chasing something, I am clueless.
Of late , I am trying to appreciate the joys of just being patient & God! channelizing energies into something constructive. Whatever right situation and the point might lie behind being vocal, there are times I realize any hassle, any setting the point home somewhere deep down puts me into soup with my mind. Trouble starts very much just where I lose my calmness and of course make enemies.
So, should I stop speaking mind and by the way , Ms.Sumita Jetley, why did you invoke the likes of top bureaucrats, blah blah…?
No clue at all, but I want to strangle myself at times but my voice पहचान है , गर याद रहे।

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