मेरे साथ हो गयी है तेरी ख़ास मेहरबानी…

कभी ज़िन्दगी में ,एक आसान सी किश्त सोचती हूँ ,
कि चुका डालूँ ,
कोई बोझ है ,
अनकहा है ,
मार रहा है मुझे।
सोचती हूँ ,
सोच से ऊपर उठ जाऊं।
या यूँ ही बिखर जाऊं।
ज़ाहिर है,
कुछ साफ़ और स्पष्ट नहीं है अभी।
And I too don’t know.

There are times, loneliness strikes

Sitting with people,
Sitting to self,

Crowded with the cobwebs of ‘too close’
‘too far’

Not so far.

Oh! so far.

What is that so far?
So near and far?

But not that far.

Closer to heart,
But a hurt,
Not a Sweet heart.

But a whim,
Not dim.

Love unloved.
Unloved love.

Far, Not that Far.
Very Far?
Very Very Far.

Why so far?
That far?

Who is far?
What is far?

Anything but not something apart.

‘Unions’- Is it any different than ‘unity?’

The best part to it is that this works this way only. I was a bit baffled yesterday as I got upset by my regular auto pick-drop guy who annoys me my being a bit worldly smart , riffraff kind e.g. getting away with the time mismanagement and too bossy sort where he won’t let anybody else drive , monopoly. Or I imagine it this way.

As a woman, it didn’t drive me crazy as I am being driven here in Gurgaon for almost more than a year. My usual person assigned had been visiting his native place, so this was temporary milieu but then usually, I smell the people what goes on in their mind. And I simply fall into easy prejudice when standard bars deviate.

Lets’ keep this short.I told the other person of the community to take over the responsibility for I found that person more maturer. Umh, they might have all been sitting in an adda , so in the morning 8:45 , ‘ United we stand’ like thing happened. I saw this fellow I expected;picking up my neighbor and happily announcing, my own ref. is back and he is entitled have his vocation back.


                                     Utpal Da is my ideal when it comes to that look of surprise

I agreed and admired this amity which still is evident in some select classes. Yes….I am.

And my ego is smarting too.

I am in awe of you …..


You balanced on the shelf.

Me, with book leveled on my chest.

We chat and that is lovely.

We talk everything in sun & dry ,

And we are lost ,

You with your ‘Drink’,

Myself with mine Chai.

I would spend all my life for the lovely

moments as these,

So ‘Divine.’

I am smitten by the charm you bring to me

with those simple seconds wound around

minutes in hours, I spend with you, Sumit.

I ‘think’ I am in love with you Sumit.

कवि मन संवेदना

मैं कवि मन संवेदना को जीना जानती हूँ
स्वभाव सा है ,
विचारों की श्रृंखला का संकलन करती रहती हूँ।
और फिर बैठ कर ,
जब समीक्षा करती हूँ ,
अपने सान्निध्य में मौन बैठ कर
ही खुद की प्रतीक्षा करती हूँ।
कई कई बार , मैं भीड़ में ,
खुद को भीड़ पाती हूँ ,
फिर चुप चाप से अकेलेपन की ओर विचरण को निकल जाती हूँ।
भीड़ और अकेलेपन ,
दोनों ही से पर मैं घबराती हूँ।