Special Education-Working with the Special children

Somehow, this subject has always been very close to my heart. Reaching the students for whom the world is bleak in lack of the basic academic skills.

Here, I understand that the term ” special” should imply to both the gifted and the passive students. For that, I believe a teacher just follows a parameter where in his or her orbit learning is a complete orbit in itself.Well informed, patient & highly skilled teacher is an asset. Most of the times, I struggle myself to understand the vividness and breadth of the subject. And later afterwards, I just conclude that teaching might require a lot of space, I am talking completely in terms of developing a teacher and bringing the learning in a realized manner. Frankly speaking , I have till date believed that whatever is the profession or an occupation, the work happens in the secret alley of seclusion and slight madness. The touchiness and the perfection only comes in picture when a person is ready to try out some imperfect measures. Am I sure what I am saying here at this point? I am of opinion that there are times when I just need a bit of time to clear my thinking. I remember, during my teaching years, I preferred going for long walks just to clear my thoughts. And , one of those clear thinking schedules, I believe I thought that the special education was one of the very sensitive subject I was looking forward to study more but somehow, I found it very draining even to think of it. Having a background in the Literature & Languages, I am sure , sensitivity comes pretty natural to me but then not to forget that Education has entirely a different elevation when it comes to merging it with the life sciences, in my case, the case was PSYCHOLOGY.

Yesterday, for sure : the point came where I felt so much connected with the bond that was left beyond years. But the question still remained, are we as any professional aware and sensitive about over all impact we shall have on others? Time for myself, to be caught unawares to read my own thoughts, my own questions.


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