The originality of the whole process absorbs the decorum of the purview.

I had exclusive time to myself yesterday night. Suddenly, I thought  was engulfed in some sort of silent gloom and majority of that arose from the fact that I have few favorite obsessions which when they overtake me, there is hell not a single corner for me to retreat.

And accidentally, I had readings in Buddha too. I am highly impressed by the fact where the Buddha theory wants us to take responsibility at least for ourselves.Suddenly , as if the bounds melted and I could feel the lighter self of things. My Space, My Decisions, My Faults, My Moralities, My Behaviors and the listing , please do believe me, listing just went on increasing. I suddenly saw myself as root cause for my happiness or mine unhappiness. What more can I say?

On the personal level, let me add I am impressed that everything has a beginning, a mid and an end. What a wisdom!

Nothing lasts, changes do occur as just as process. I just got a bit in tussle with myself thinking if Buddha’s theory as somewhat closer to Karma theory of Lord Krisna? But, one thing for sure is that I am more tuned somewhere deep in myself.


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