Why this swelling on my Jaw ji?

So, finally I was thinking that how come my cheeks are looking so cute and cuddly. I paid attention. Damn, this was nausea and later it became slight headache and then , there I realized that this was some bout of Jaw Infection.

Or may be I overworked my whole chewing system. This looks to me that some viral has got into the system. A very slight but for sure. Two things cross my mind.

First, very much was the gum I chewed, went on and on , thinking I am giving some brilliant exercise to my gums, went on and on and on even if it meant my cheeks were getting ground between my teeth. Second culprit was my Cup of Chai which from past few days, I am gulping severely hot quite accidentally though.

And the worst, I just renew my Insurance Plan getting it upgraded to one more level to have dental treatment included.

Such is me, there is this on hand problem of swelling of my jaw and I am myself a pain in neck.

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