Patience and Calm handling of things.

I think , it is the most misunderstood concept. Both the patience and the calm handling of affairs take  a hell lot but this is as well a quality that goes long way. I think, there is this one particular fact to stay unchanged in life that a person shall always be worth of what actually he is worthy of it. Enrichment of personality is an individual’s very personal and very primary responsibility and to an extent it can be said as somewhat a direction to be scored. And of anything, now after a very careful study of things, I am endorsing the fact that the restful state of mind at times is a great way to move forward, a great way to take and give breaks to mind. Few of the years back, if I had been asked of my individual stand on taking breaks, I was averse to this whole idea but of late I am pretty much sure that small breaks and plenty of time spent consistently on some Project or in life takes us very long way.

Important thing is how much we pour the energies and invest time in things. And the most important thing is to keep at it and pursue it and rest of the things, not much we all have in our hands. Thus, they can be left to fend for themselves if be it the need. But , then there might be so many things, so many perceptions in this.

Whatever said and done, “Time has no substitute for itself.”


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