Certain things have a tendency to kill.

And I believe things could be any. This might have something to do with the sensitivity level too. So, I think , very much it looks like after coming so a great distance, there are times, I plan to simply start walking backwards, on the foot traces, same and exact matching as to where I had started the trail from very beginning undoing the whole journey.

Well, I believe that is as well fine and not so too bad in taste if a person requires to stick to some sort of acceptance. Lets’ talk it from the very beginning of the day. I think, if I ever wanted an issue to be attended, damn I needed it. But then , not all the times , you find the people pretty available to go your way. This, I mean , trained perception doesn’t come that easy, and not to everyone. Literally, a way out has to be accorded, mediation has to be found out but how?

Damn, this is the question which I am after  and think , that is exactly where the whole conversation shall halter. Writers might have this sensitivity chord and I am sure , that must be behind their elemental inspiration. Or the very frontal , in face approximation they look forward to track down , they find a mediation too. It fascinates and oh Heavens! at this point I am remembering V.S. Naipaul’s legendary temper today. Writing has exactly that charm of transcending the elemental facts even when they are going completely wrong molded back to some positive light.

भावुकता संगृहीत है , परिचय के  ठौर मोड़ पर

राह नवेली लिए चले भाव तारण की परिधि विधा पर  मुखरित होनें  को आतुर
संतुलन बना रहे , वातायन खुला रहे , गति शीलता अपने संकुचित , पथ परिक्रमण पर भ्रमणशील रहे , चिंतन संकुचित नहीं , संकलन प्रतिबिंबित है  , सुखद तथा तथ्य संरक्षण हेतु , एक सूचना का अतिक्रमण मगर सुखद नहीं , केवल  एक संवाद समीक्षा है, शायद कोई गहन प्रतीक्षा है।

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